'Sex and the City 3' Needs to Be Made Right Now

I'm a big fan of Lena Dunham and Girls. Her raw honestly is refreshing and speaks to millions of young women. But sometimes I just want a dose of New York City glam, complete with ostentatious pink cocktails, gazillion-dollar wardrobes that no one who writes for a living can afford, and big, swanky apartments that have never seen a cockroach in their lives.

In other words, give me more Sex and the City and give it to me now!

If you miss Sarah Jessica Parker and the other wonderful, fun, well-dressed ladies, you might be in luck. Jennifer Hudson has just revealed she is in talks to star in a third magnificent Sex and the City film -- hurray!


The 33-year-old actress, who played Carrie's personal assistant Louise in the first SATC movie, told Dish Nation radio that she has been asked by producers about her interest in appearing in the third movie. You may remember that in the film, Louise moved to her hometown in St. Louis to get married, so things either didn't work out and she's back in New York or maybe she transferred her brood to the city to embark on some great opportunity.

Gotta admit, it will be VERY difficult to picture Hudson as Carrie's assistant now that the Oscar-winner is as famous as SJP, so my guess is that the writers have something new in mind for Louise.

I don't give a flip if the second movie did poorly at the box office -- this is exciting news. Not long ago, Sarah Jessica hinted at the possibility of a third film when she said she didn't believe Carrie's story was over yet. And it isn't over because there is NO WAY Carrie should end up with Big forever -- not when Aidan is still out there in the universe. Forgive me, but unless the two have had children between films 2 and 3 -- and you know they haven't -- there's still a chance for Carrie to leave that egotistical maniac and get with Aidan.

And I'm so over Steve. Sorry, I'm sure I just made a few enemies. But he's boring AND he cheated on Miranda. Buh-bye.

Harry is still perfect for Charlotte, but we need to see a more confident Charlotte in the next film. Let's move the focus away from her as a wife and see the "perfect" mom we know she aspires to be -- the one who is totally who is caught up in the Mommy Wars.

As for Samantha -- her only job is to have hot sex with young men, middle-aged men, and old men. While wearing to-die-for shoes.

Bring it on!

Who else is ready for SATC 3? What do you want to see happen?


Image via Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

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