'Gone Girl' Review: 9 Reasons the Movie Doesn't Disappoint

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It's here! The highly anticipated crime thriller Gone Girl is now in theaters. That means one thing: buy your tickets now. Starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike as Nick Dunne and Amy Elliott-Dunne, the film follows Amy's disappearance on the morning of the couple's fifth wedding anniversary.

Nick immediately becomes a prime suspect and the manhunt is on. Did he do it? Is he innocent? The questions plague the detectives and viewers. But for anyone who has already read Gillian Flynn's 2012 masterpiece, the film is the perfect chance to see it all come to life.

So in one word, should you see it? Yes! And here's why. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!!

  1. It stays close to the book. The nearly two-and-a-half-hour-movie plays it pretty close to home. Flynn wrote the screenplay, so you know that the dialogue, scenes, and story progression were in good hands. From the chilling opening line ("When I think of my wife, I always think of her head.") to the couple's disturbingly abusive moments, Flynn stayed close to her original.
  2. Rosamund Pike is dynamite. She's believable as the mild-mannered Amazing Amy and as the Southern Nancy while on the lam. Watching her expertly manipulate each and every subject while maintaining that innocent demeanor will literally give you chills.
  3. Ben Affleck doesn't disappoint. For anyone who feared that Mr. Affleck wouldn't be convincing as the unreliable Nick, you've been proven wrong. Plus, there's the whole nude slip of his that happens late in the third act.
  4. The score. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have once again collaborated with director David Fincher to deliver an alarmingly sinister score to the film. The jarring paces of the soundtrack perfectly coincide with Amy's creepy master plan and keep you on your toes.
  5. David Fincher is at his finest. The Social Network director has brought it again. He alternates between Nick's frightening reality and Amy's seemingly perfect life with ease and then STOPS. You can't help but stay on the twisted ride. And with cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth at his side, you know the visuals will deliver.
  6. The supporting cast wins. From Neil Patrick Harris to Tyler Perry (yes, really) to Carrie Coon, the casting is all-star at every level. Think NPH could play creepy and brooding? Well he does.
  7. You'll get some LOLs. They're subtle, and a little unexpected, but you'll laugh out loud at certain scenes. Case in point [and major spoiler alert warning right now]: when Amy returns home to a nice "you f***ing b****" greeting from her beloved.
  8. The media is fantastic. If you're in media, love media, or have at any point consumed media, you'll adore how they're represented. They love Nick, they hate Nick, they worship him, they idolize Amy. It'll run the entire gamut.
  9. It's hilarious for girls' night. Now, you might think that a movie in which a husband is suspected of kidnapping and killing his wife isn't made for date night. And you're right. It's not. See it with your girlfriends, discuss the similarities with the book, and marvel at Pike's and Affleck's thrilling performances.

Gone Girl comes out in theaters Friday, October 3. Check out the trailer below:

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