What a Christian Grey Obsession Might Really Be Doing to Diehard Fans

50 Shades of GreyA new report says that reading E.L. James’ hugely popular Fifty Shades of Grey might be bad for your health. In fact, the research indicates that there’s a link between reading the best-selling novel and eating disorders, binge drinking, having multiple sex partners, and verbally abusive relationships.

Yeah, and playing video games with crazy car chases like Grand Theft Auto will also make you a bad driver, right?


According to a Michigan State University report, women attracted to these kinds of behaviors were most likely to read the Fifty Shades series. Um, come again?!?! The report says:

We did find that those who chose to read Fifty Shades had stronger sexual desires than those who had not read the books, specifically those who highly identified with the main character.

And while they can’t say whether the books have inspired women to get spanked and blindfolded by their sex-crazed Christian Grey-like partners, it did say that the novels caused women to rethink their sexual needs in the bedroom:

However, we did not find an increase in sexual behaviors or desires after reading the books. Instead, we found a decrease in sexual behaviors after reading the books, particularly for those who did not identify with the main character. We found a decrease in sexual behaviors after reading the Fifty Shades books, and no change in sexual self-esteem or sexual desire.

First off, I don’t agree with this report at all. I read the books, and while I was intrigued by some parts, I wouldn’t say that I felt depressed because I didn’t relate to Anastasia Steele during some moments. It’s a series that’s all about fantasies for crying out loud, and for anyone who doesn’t understand that, maybe they shouldn’t be picking up the book in the first place.

Plus, I can almost guarantee you that seeing sneak peeks of Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey can work as a total anti-depressant for anyone (well, not literally, but it sure does bring a smile to my face!). Why take things so seriously?!?

This is fiction, people. Let’s not read too much into it. It’s just a book, not brainwashing material.

Do you think reading Fifty Shades of Grey might be bad for your health?

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