New Details About 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Shoot Should Worry Fans

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson

This might be really good news or really bad news, depending on how you may look at it. Fifty Shades of Grey stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson were both spotted arriving at LAX airport over the weekend, as the two are reportedly reshooting a few scenes together for the film.

Either that means the on-screen duo are probably just putting some finishing touches on a few scenes or their chemistry is so awkward that producers are asking them for a do-over. Yikes.


While it’s uncertain as to what scenes they had to re-shoot, there’s a good guess that it was definitely unexpected by both actors. Dakota recently dyed her hair blonde during London Fashion Week and had to re-dye it back to brunette so she could look like her Anastasia Steele character once again (her poor hairstylist!). If she knew she had to re-shoot a few scenes, I'm sure she wouldn't have put her strands through all of that chemical processing!

What's more, there have been a lot of rumors about Jamie and Dakota awkwardly filming their love scenes together and the two have even been accused of “lacking passion” in the movie trailer. While no one knows why they are having to reshoot parts of the movie, it’s NEVER a good sign. Test audiences sometimes randomly dislike a film, which leads to the re-shoots. Either way, someone somewhere is not happy about the way the movie looks.

Let’s just hope the film satisfies fans when it debuts in theaters Valentine’s Day.

Do you think the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is in trouble?

Image via WhoSay/Twitter

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