​What Happens When Grandparents Are Forced to Watch 'Fifty Shades' (VIDEO)

elders react to fifty shades of grey

Question: how do you explain Fifty Shades of Grey to your grandparents? Answer: you don't. Luckily, the brave team over at The Fine Bros decided to educate a few elderly folks about the latest pop culture phenomenon and had them watch the trailer. And watching their reactions to the steamy bondage scenes and lustful gazes is hilariously cringe-worthy. And as close as we want to get to explaining Mr. Grey to grandpa.

Take a look at how elders react to Fifty Shades of Grey below and revel in their amazingly horrified responses:


Granted, I'm pretty sure that it's not just grandma and grandpa who had those shocked expressions on their faces. More than once did we cringe or avert our eyes during both the book and the trailer. The movie should make that even tougher.

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But let's be real here. That "Christian Grey flavored popsicle" line is enough to make any fan chuckle just a little bit. We don't blame the select few who chose not to recite it back.

So, sorry, grandma, it's not an "attorney film." Actually, it's not even close. But one gentleman was a little more correct when he predicted it'd be something like a vampire movie. If only they knew the whole story ...

Would you ever watch Fifty Shades with your grandparents?


Image via TheFineBros/YouTube

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