Jamie Dornan Reveals Shocking Spoiler About '50 Shades of Grey'

Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan recently made a shocking revelation about the highly anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie, and we’re not sure we’re on board with what the film is about to deliver.

According to Dornan, who plays the sexy Christian Grey in the film, both viewers and die-hard fans are going to be either very happy or very disappointed when they find out about how the racy sex scenes are being edited.

Brace yourselves, people.


In a new interview with the Irish Independent, Dornan says that the movie won’t be as titillating on screen as it was in the book (and I do use that term loosely ...). While talking about the film’s X-rated scenes, he said:

I’m not really fearful of that stuff. It’s strange work for sure. But it’s still just work. I just get on with it. In some ways it’ll break a few boundaries. But at the same time, they want to put bums on seats. They can’t alienate an audience. You know it has to be watchable. It can’t be hard core. I wouldn’t have signed up to it if it was. You’ve got to make something a large amount of people can go and see. It’s not going to be grotesque.

Say what?!?!?

With all the hype that was built up with this movie, I’m expecting it to be as raunchy as a rated R movie can be. I don’t want this film to be another version of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut back in 1999. I remember everyone talking about what a great sexual thriller the movie was supposed to be, and it was actually very ... boring and disappointing. God, I hope the same thing won’t happen with Fifty Shades as well.

Plus, I think Jamie Dornan is sexy as hell and want to see him naked for the entire length of the film. Is that too much to ask? Ha!

Do you think the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is going to be “too tame” for fans to enjoy?

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