'Gone Girl' Trailers & Images: Which Is the Creepiest of Them All?

Gone GirlThe third trailer for Gone Girl premiered on TV during the Emmys last night, and it offers further proof that director David Fincher is aiming to mess with our heads every bit as much as author Gillian Flynn.

"Hello, Amy. I'm the guy to save you from all this awesomeness," Ben Affleck's Nick Dunne says at the beginning of the new preview. His tone could be either seductive or threatening: His smiling face says the former; the slow ominous score (by Trent Reznor!) says the latter. The promo team at Twentieth Century Fox is doing an excellent job of giving us the chills with their buildup to the film's October 3 release. Here, we rank their sneak peeks (images, trailers, and Entertainment Weekly covers) from least creepy to super Finch-y:


8. Trailer #2:

This Gone Girl trailer, released in July, shows the story from Nick's perspective: The husband searching for his wife and realizing that whatever he says or does is being interpreted as the actions of a guilty man. He's cornered and frantic, and we feel bad for him, even as the evidence piles up.

7. The hazy poster:

Nick looks like a haunted (and hunted) man, with the ghost of a news ticker floating over him. And the tag line, "You don't know what you've got 'til it's ..." is still sympathetic to his cause.

6. Trailer #3:

Besides the opening peeks at Nick and Amy's first meeting, this trailer doesn't have many scenes that we haven't seen before, but the way it's edited flips back and forth between making us suspect him of killing her and making us think he's been framed. It's the most balanced view released so far.

5. The fall preview EW cover:

The second Gone Girl cover for the magazine this year shows Nick and Amy at their wedding. The way Affleck is looking down at Rosamund Pike is again wide open for our interpretation. Is he worried? Or does he want to kill her already?

4. The first image Fox released:

Nick is addressing the press and volunteers gathered to help search for Amy. We don't know anything about his character from this photo, but the creep factor comes from her very realistic Missing poster behind him.

3. The 2014 preview EW cover:

Granted, these covers are not directly from the movie or its director -- they're the editorial choice of the magazine. But the stars and the studio certainly had a hand in the process, and someone signed off on showing Amy as a corpse, lovingly embraced by Nick. Full. On. Shivers.

2. The evidence bag posters:

Gone Girl

This series of posters took our breath away when they came out in July. It's all about the juxtaposition of happy image with crime-scene paraphernalia. Damning evidence indeed.

1. Trailer #1:

The scenes unfolding show Nick and Amy's contentious relationship, the media circus, the search through the field and the police investigation all while the song "She" plays over everything. The romantic lyrics sound almost sarcastic, like the words of a murdering sociopath. And then we see Amy's body floating in the water. All at once, it's haunting and shocking, both to fans of the book and people seeing it for the first time. If our only look at this movie were the teaser we got back in April, it would have been enough.

How creepy do you think the movie is actually going to be?


Images via Gillian-Flynn.com, 20th Century Fox

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