Jamie Dornan's Ice Bucket Challenge Is Just As Hot As You'd Think It Would Be (VIDEO)

jamie dornan

All right, by this point, you're probably sick of all the Ice Bucket Challenges floating around out there online -- and who can blame you? It seems like every day, 20 new celebrities post videos of themselves getting buckets of water dumped on their heads. It's for a good cause, of course, but it's getting a little ... yawn-worthy at this point. Except when Jamie Dornan does it. That's right, Fifty Shades of Grey fans, Jamie Dornan just accepted the ice bucket challenge. And, yes, it's hot.

Wanna see Christian Grey get kinky with a bucket of water? Of course you do! Check it out:


It was quick, to-the-point, and no BS, just like Christian Grey -- and just like how I imagine Dornan to be in real life. Will this go down as one of the world's greatest Ice Bucket Challenges? Course not. But hey, any video that ends with Jamie Dornan soaking wet can't be all that bad, right?

Side note: It's cute that he nominated Andrew Garfield, but would have been kind of fun if he nominated E.L. James, no? Just a thought.

Please support this great cause and donate to the ALS Association!

What do you think of all this ice bucket madness? What do you think of Dornan's video?


Image via R Chiang/Splash News

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