Kinky '50 Shades of Frozen' Trailer Is Just Creepy & Disturbing (VIDEO)​

fifty shades of frozen

Have you seen Frozen? Actually, scratch that, doesn't matter if you've seen Frozen. You've heard of Frozen, right? And you know it's a kids' movie? And you know Fifty Shades of Grey is so not a kids' movie, yes? Well, someone with far too much time on their hands -- and, fine, seriously impressive editing skills -- made a Fifty Shades/Frozen crossover trailer, aptly called Fifty Shades of Frozen, and wow! It really, really, really looks like Disney decided to throw caution to the wind and come out with an NC-17 cartoon, featuring Anna and Hans as Anastasia and Christian Grey.

Not gonna lie: This is highly disturbing but impeccably done. If you never want to look at Frozen (or Fifty Shades of Grey!) the same again, you must watch this trailer for Fifty Shades of Frozen. There are some strange folk out there!


Kind of crazy, right? And there are eerie similarities between the two movies in terms of scenes. Again, not sure how I feel about this, but there's no denying, as far as fan-made trailers go, this is pretty remarkable.

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If I ruined Frozen for you, I'm sorry. And if I ruined Fifty Shades of Grey for you, sorry again! This trailer just needed to be shared with the world. Now go ahead, wash your eyes out with something strong and try to pretend you never saw this.

This trailer is pretty incredible, right? Did it ruin either movie for you?


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