Jimmy Fallon's '50 Shades' Trailer Reveals Something Fans Never Saw Coming (VIDEO)

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If you thought people weren't interested in checking out the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer, well, you really oughta think about that again. Apparently the trailer has racked up 36 million views in the FIRST WEEK since its release on July 24. It also apparently had the best opening week for any trailer in 2014. Insane. Absolutely insane. Of course, with something this popular, we're bound to make fun of it. So we'll leave it to Jimmy Fallon to spoof the Fifty Shades trailer.

Do you remember, years ago, when you were watching something on the Internet, and then suddenly a super-scary face screamed or yelled at you so that you'd jump out of your chair in surprise and horror? Jimmy did just that with the Fifty Shades trailer and made members of The Roots watch -- with comical, completely expected results.

Though perhaps their frightened reactions represent what most people think about the chemistry between Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan?


Here it is:

Those guys' reactions were the best, right? And not even to the scary, wailing creature that popped up -- watching their faces as they gazed upon the actual trailer was entertaining in and of itself. Damon's tender smile while watching Dakota as Anastasia is just hilarious.

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Though, seriously, sending out those links and pulling that type of stunt is plain mean. It's safe to assume mostly everyone has been a victim of this -- and it's even scarier with headphones on! Hopefully The Roots get Jimmy back with something equally conniving and entertaining. As for the Fifty Shades trailer, this is probably just the beginning of the hype surrounding the upcoming movie. We can't wait to see if the film actually lives up to all of it.

What was your first reaction to the Fifty Shades trailer? Similar to these?


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