'50 Shades' Trailer: 9 Things That Will Make You Gag (PHOTOS)

Fiiiiinaaaallllyyyyyy!!! The Fifty Shades of Grey trailer was released and OMIGAWD. We finally get our first look at Anastasia and Christian. Not to mention the Red Room of Pain and Charlie Tango. But nothing about the books, nor the movie's casting, nor the trailer has ever gone smoothly. Fans are always divided. And the trailer is no different. For some ... it's everything they wanted and more. For others ... not so much.

Count me in the latter category. I admit I'm not a fan of the books; however, I was sort of looking forward to the movie, primarily because I know I'll be forced to go see it (thanks, coworkers!) and I'd prefer to be entertained for two hours rather than bored silly -- or trying to stifle my laughter. But alas. The trailer promised more of the bored/laughing experience than the entertained one. Here are nine things about the Fifty trailer that made me, well, GAG.


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