Christopher Nolan & Matthew McConaughey Surprise at Comic-Con With 'Interstellar' Trailer

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All right, all right, all right! Comic-Con is in full swing in San Diego. No wonder the event is so damn popular -- so many stars show up! In a first for both of them, Matthew McConaughey and director Christopher Nolan made a surprise appearance on Thursday, July 24. They talked about their new movie Interstellar and debuted a brand-new, extended trailer that the rest of us losers aren't privileged enough to see. 

The first trailer for Interstellar was released back in May. McConaughey goes on a space mission with Anne Hathaway. With McConaughey enjoying critical and commercial success from his roles in True Detective and Dallas Buyers Club, he's probably thrilled people are finally thinking, Whoa, dude can act! And his newest project sounds pretty awesome.


"Cooper is a pilot, an engineer, and a widowed pilot of two children where civilization is just sustaining," McConaughey said, according to Variety. "There's food, clean water, but they don't need any explorers, no new bright ideas. Then something happens and the dream of being a pilot again knocks on his door." He also said he has to choose between the human race and his love for his family. Sounds pretty intense, eh? Apparently the new footage also shows how the astronauts are looking for another Earth. They come across gorgeous yet not-friendly other planets.

When Nolan first took the stage, amid the roars from the crowd, he said, "Thought it would be a fun thing to come down and see what all the fuss is about." So jealous of everyone who attended!

He continued, "To be an astronaut was the highest ambition. The idea to keep exploring space farther and farther ... it (fell) off greatly. We are in a period of incredible technological change, (but it’s about) what’s in your pocket, your living room. I like the idea that we are on the cusp of a brand new era and we are traveling outwards more."

Here's the trailer from May. Note that this is not the extended trailer. Damnit:

According to multiple sources, the extended trailer featured the astronauts exploring a new planet made entirely of ice, as well as gorgeous space vistas.

Can't wait! What a team these two make. Interstellar will hit theaters in November 7.

Do you think you'll go see Interstellar when it's released?


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