'Dracula Untold' Trailer: You HAVE to See Vlad's Crazy Bat-Hand Weapon (VIDEO)

Dracula UntoldThe trend for villain origin stories continues with the most famous blood-sucking fiend in history, and no, I am most definitely not talking about Edward Damn Cullen. Dracula Untold will hit theaters on October 17, and the much-anticipated film has officially released its first trailer video.

This is Dracula like you've never seen him before -- apparently he was a good guy all along who just needed some supernatural powers so he could protect his people. I'm not sure every iconic malefactor needs a sympathetic backstory, but what this trailer lacks in an immediate hook (for me, anyway), it makes up for with a GIANT DEADLY HAND OF BATS.


So here's the gist of Dracula Untold: Vlad, played by Luke Evans, needs to save his family from an army of Turkish invaders, so he naturally makes his way to a spooky cave on an even spookier mountain in order to sacrifice himself to Tywin Lannister. Well, actor Charles Dance wearing a lot of makeup:

Dance's ancient vampire transforms Vlad via some blood-swilling, and Vlad goes on to battle his enemies with his newfound vampire skillz, which includes crushing an army with a fist-swarm of bats.

This is either going to be awesome, or a total piece of crap. Literally no in-betweens. Check it out:

It looks like 300 meets Game of Thrones meets The Dark Knight meets The Mummy, which is to say, I'm not sure I'm blown away by all the originality happening in this trailer. Plus, I really hate that Lorde cover of "Everybody Wants to Rule the World."

Still, the re-imagining of a horror icon as a dark superhero archetype has potential, and I'm crossing my fingers they pull it off with Dracula Untold. Here's hoping the next trailer offers something that convinces us this will be more than a mediocre medieval fantasy filled with overly-styled CGI battle sequences.

What do you think of the Dracula Untold trailer?

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