'50 Shades' Star Reveals How Movie Almost Ruined Her Relationship

rita oraThe gorgeous Rita Ora is known for her style, and she's not ashamed to show a bit of skin. So we shouldn't be surprised she was cast in Fifty Shades of Grey. But her boyfriend (musician and DJ Calvin Harris) and father were a bit concerned, and even held a group meeting to discuss Rita's role in the naughty film.

Calvin reportedly was very concerned about exactly what his girlfriend was going to do in the movie.


Rita had to explain to her boyfriend and father that she isn't going to be a part of any of the sex scenes. She is cast as Christian Grey's adopted sister Mia. "I leave that to the main characters," she said. And she also said of Dakota Johnson, the leading lady who is playing Anastasia, "She's just so gorgeous and it kind of distracts you a little bit. But I mean she's an amazing actress so I'm learning things from her. It's always a good time, you don't want to work under a pressured environment, especially when you're making something creative. I would do it all over again."

Of course she would do it all over again. This film is an opportunity of a lifetime for her! For anyone. Except Charlie Hunnam, of course. (Oh that was a sweet fantasy while it lasted.) But now we have Dakota and of course Jamie Dornan and the wait until this flick finally hits the big screen and gets us all hot and bothered all over again. (Considering we read the books.) 

It's sweet that Rita's loved ones were worried and she had to calm their concerns, but come on ... if she was asked to get naked and do some pretend rolling around in the hay (or rolling around blindfolded and whipped oh so gently), would she really have said no? Doubtful. She would have just had to have that awkward conversation with her boyfriend and forbid her dad from ever watching the film.

What do you think of Rita's loved ones being concerned?


Image via Rita Ora/Instagram

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