'50 Shades' Star's Behind-the-Scenes Scoop Should Give Fans Faith (VIDEO)

rita ora at mtv movie awardsOf all the Fifty Shades of Grey cast members, Rita Ora has been above and beyond one of the most candid. Case in point: Her interview with MTV on the red carpet at the Movie Awards this past weekend, in which she had no qualms getting into some of the behind-the-scenes scoop ...  


Rita discussed how she scored the role of Mia Grey, the leading man's younger sister, and shared that she had originally only set her sights on working on the soundtrack. But the producers had a different idea. She says:

It ended up with me being in the movie! I'm not going to complain.

Not that she didn't have to work for the part!

I did like eight auditions, so I thought I would never get it. It was incredible that it worked out.

Interesting ... and definitely offers some insight into how the casting process went down. It sounds like Team Fifty wasn't necessarily interested in going for the obvious picks (or the fan faves we were assuming would snag the leads all along -- a bummer for many). They were thinking differently about actors, actresses, even singers who might fit the roles in a surprising way. So perhaps fans who are still skeptical about Jamie and Dakota should have more faith in the final picks? Just a thought!

That said, even if Fifty Shades lovers aren't thrilled with the end result, sounds like Rita was! She gushed:

I'm literally sworn to secrecy, but what I can say is expect something that would really make it worth your while. ... Doing the movie was probably one of the best things ever, being in Vancouver, getting out of the music and just making it work was really good!

Love it!

Here's the interview in full if you want to check it out ...

Does Rita put your mind at ease about the casting choices?


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