Sexy '50 Shades' Star Is Begging for a Nip Slip in Tight Black Dress (PHOTO)

Rita ora

Gah. Most stars will go to just about any length to avoid a wardrobe malfunction, but after seeing Fifty Shades of Grey star Rita Ora at the MTV Movie Awards last night? Um ... it almost appeared as if she were willingly inviting a major nip slip in her cleavage-baring black dress.

I mean, there are low-cut gowns, and then there are frocks that expose so much skin, you really have to pile on the double-sided tape to keep things in place; otherwise, you're asking for major trouble.

Check it out.


Rita Ora

Yep. Her girls are out there, all right.

And in case you were wondering, they did manage to stay tucked neatly into place all night. But given what a risque film Fifty Shades is promising to be, do you think anyone would've flinched if one of Rita's boobs had popped out?

I think not. Actually, it may have been a good thing for publicity for the film if she'd given everyone a sneak peek. After all, it's not like people are going to be packing the theaters when Fifty Shades comes out and gasping when they see flesh on-screen. (That's what they're after.) I know Rita is playing Christian Grey's sister Mia and not Anastasia Steele -- but something tells me seeing any of the film's stars suffer a wardrobe malfunction would be worth its weight in gold.

Do you think this dress was a bit much, even for Rita?


Image via Michael Buckner/Getty

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