Katherine Heigl Sues Pharmacy for $6 Million & Her Timing Couldn't Be Worse

If there's any doubt in your mind that Katherine Heigl has money on the brain, you haven't been paying close enough attention to her life -- and who can blame you for that? The actress, who recently (and annoyingly) claimed she hasn't made a lot of money in the past few years, is now putting her lawyers where her mouth is by suing the pharmacy chain store Duane Reade for $6 million. Perhaps you're wondering what the store did to make her so mad? Did its employees purposely wax the floors with olive oil when they saw her coming? Nope. But whoever is in charge of the store's social media accounts did have the audacity to post a photo of Katherine carrying Duane Reade shopping bags as she exited an NYC store on its Twitter and Facebook pages and insist the 35-year-old actress actually shops there. So, $6 million for telling the truth -- has she gone mad?


I'll try to put on my best objective face here, despite not being the biggest Katherine fan. In her defense, she says Duane Reade used her image and name without permission in order to promote its store. And she has a point. It was a bit tasteless to run the photo without asking and to then tweet: "Love a quick #DuaneReade run? Even @KatieHeigl can't resist shopping #NYC's favorite drugstore."

In her lawsuit, it states that Katherine is "highly selective and well compensated" when she chooses to hawk a brand. As someone who is "in high demand in the entertainment industry," she and her lawyers feel asking $6 million is not outrageous because (I'm guessing) she would deserve to earn that much if she actually decided to promote the pharmacy.

Again, she has a point. But given the fact that Duane Reade tagged her in its tweet, I'm assuming they thought running a photo of her after she shopped there would be just fine and dandy -- or, at the very least, wouldn't cost them a few million. Silly on their part, since they obviously haven't been reading the same gossip stories about Katherine as we all have. I mean, I don't know her from a hole in the wall and even I could have told them this wasn't going to fly.

The former Grey's Anatomy star is apparently planning to donate the money she receives from this lawsuit to one of her favorite charities. Okay. That makes this whole ridiculous thing a wee bit better. But, unfortunately for Katherine, the fact that she's suing for a minor-ish issue that could be resolved by Duane Reade releasing an apology comes at a time when we've all been let in on her financial woes.

Or, should I say, the financial woes she claims to have ... uh, after earning $12 million just four years ago for Life as We Know It.

Someone, quick! Remind me why I get a bad taste in my mouth when I see a Katherine story?

Do you think Katherine is justified for suing Duane Reade for $6 million because they used her image?


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