'50 Shades' Fans Fear This 1 Mistake Will Ruin the Movie, but It Won't

jamie dornan hoganWhile it's too early for Jamie Dornan to worry that he won't be reprising his role as Fifty Shades of Grey's leading man, he may have to face the facts that his days as Abe on the BBC's New Worlds are numbered. As we've heard for a while now, the show has been getting totally panned by critics, and what's more, the ratings are looking beyond dismal. While the premiere was pretty shabby coming in at just 668K viewers, the second episode, which aired on Tuesday, slipped even further down the ratings rabbit hole, hitting only 411K. Eeek.

In other words, it's pretty much inevitable at this point that New Worlds is gonna get ye ol' axe. Sure, it sounds like that turn of events could bode quite badly for Jamie, reflecting poorly on him and worrying fans that the film is doomed, too. But not so fast!


The main complaints with the show are "the adolescent quality to the writing," as the Telegraph lamented, and "a script and direction that clunked along lamely," as the Guardian noted. No comment in there about Jamie's performance. As a result, he'll most definitely make it out of this disaster with his reputation unscathed.

Sure, there's buzz that his name hasn't been enough of a draw to sustain New Worlds. But we can't expect the guy to carry a crappy show 100 percent, especially when he's only begun his ascent to stardom! 

That said, Fifty Shades is a whole different ballgame. It will be the ultimate test of his star power. But as long as the script and direction are in tip-top shape, and Jamie and Dakota's performances are on-point, we should have a winner.

What do you think will happen with New Worlds? Does it change how you feel about Jamie as Christian?

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