Jamie Dornan's New Role Could Really Hurt '50 Shades'

Christian Grey Our own Christian-Grey-to-Be Jamie Dornan's new T.V. project New Worlds started up across the pond last night. We already knew that Jamie would smolder as the dirty, sword-brandishing revolutionary Abe. But having seen him in action, his fans are fit to be tied. Sadly, critics don't seem to feel exactly the same way.

They are ripping the show apart! And this was only the first installment of something meant to be a four-parter! Gulp! Even some of Jamie's die-hard fans seemed turned off by the series, pointing the finger of blame at the poor pacing and "immature"-sounding script. Uh-oh, this does not sound good. Thankfully it's too late to cancel the rest of the series.


I hope that the poor critical response won't impact what people think of Fifty Shades. Even worse still, what if the disappointed fans of Jamie's decide based on this flick not to go out of their way to see Fifty Shades? I'd hate to see anything negatively impact a movie that everyone is stoked to see succeed. I shake my fist at thee preemptively, period drama! I shake my fist, I say!

Luckily the projects are sooooo different that I can't imagine one impacting the other in any real way. That said, apparently Jamie does make jokes about a ravishing a lady in this series. That sounds like something right out of the mouth of Christian Grey himself.

Did you watch New Worlds?


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