'50 Shades' Star Is Bringing Side-Boob Back With Topless Cover Shoot (PHOTO)

Rita Ora topless 50 shades of grey Rita Ora, who plays the role of Christian Grey's sister Mia in the highly anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey, is everywhere these days! I should say, all of her is everywhere. Rita is the cover girl of this month's Elle UK, and she holds nothing back.

The coy cover shot shows a casual, slightly somber Rita, sitting totally topless. She's dressed below the waist in a casual, pleated, pink skirt that complements the cover's pink lettering. The gold bangle she wears makes the whole cover seem like a classical painting. Take THAT girl with the pearl earring!


It's a photo that's shocking and also really beautiful. Rita is definitely trying to bring side-boob back in this shoot, and hers is on full display. Weirdly, it's not her lack of top that really catches your eye -- though of course her nakedness is undeniable.

The eye is drawn pretty naturally to the giant tattoo that takes up most of her side. You also definitely can't look away from the dramatic matte red lipstick she's wearing for the shoot. It's clear that the cover girl is letting her new uber sensual role go to her head, and she isn't afraid to let that side of herself show. We can't wait for the flick!

What do you think of Rita's cover look, too risque?


Image via Instagram

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