First '50 Shades' Movie Footage Makes Its Debut: All the Details

fifty shades posterWell, that was fast! Less than a month after wrapping the Fifty Shades of Grey movie shoot, Universal Pictures has shared the first footage of the film yesterday with attendees of CinemaCon, an annual theater chain convention. Lucky ducks!

Here's what we know about the buzzworthy sneak peek that hit the big screen ...

  1. The teaser clocked in at five minutes long. Eee!
  2. EW reports those five minutes featured many "of the iconic moments fans of the book will remember, like the first introduction in his office: Anastasia nervous and earnest; Grey handsome and aloof. Grey’s surprise appearance at the hardware store and his helicopter also make an appearance."
  3. As producer Dana Brunetti noted before, it looks like the flick will be -- for the most part -- focused much more on Christian and Ana's romance than on their unconventional sex play, at least judging from this initial footage.
  4. There were nods to the sex, though: Brief blindfold, a hand on a thigh, Christian opening the doors to the Red Room (but no glimpse inside, boo), and a quick flash of a riding crop. (Someone must've taken a look at all those fan trailers, eh?)
  5. Audiences were also reportedly treated to some of the first dialogue from the script -- Christian's line, "Hearts and flowers: That’s not who I am." Suuuure it isn't!
  6. The footage also featured quickie appearances by Anastasia's mom (Jennifer Ehle), who's happy that her daughter has met someone, and Kate Kavanaugh (Eloise Mumford), who warns her not to get hurt. 
  7. Another scene has Ana in voiceover saying, “I don’t know if I can be with him the way he needs me to," as we catch a quick glimpse of her lying down, a look of surprise on her face.
  8. Ana protests that Christian is trying to change her. to which he replies, "It’s you who’s changing me." Awww!

Now, we're obviously on the edge of our seats until we get to see all of this for ourselves! Thankfully, it sounds like a trailer is imminent.

How do you feel about the details of the first footage?


Image via Universal

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