'Jem & The Holograms' Movie News Ruined by One Disturbing Detail

jemYou might not have heard of Scooter Braun, but you've definitely heard of his protege, a Canadian trouble-maker by the name of Justin "Egg Your House" Bieber. That's right, on those dark nights when you can't sleep because you are furiously wondering who is responsible for loosing the Biebs into the world and thus, into your valuable brain space, I'm here to tell you that you can pin it all on Scooter Braun. But modern music isn't the only thing this "producer" is sullying.

Braun is teaming up to help create a remake of the 1980s cartoon classic Jem and The Holograms. Excuse me for a minute as a I fall to my knees and scream in agony for what is surely the death knell of my childhood. The idea of taking Jem and re-imagining her for the big screen isn't a terrible one -- it could be kitschy and fun and great. But with someone like Braun at the proverbial helm I feel like that can't be the case. 


It might seem like I'm being needlessly harsh, but if the way the movie was announced is any indication, I'm right. Braun and his co-producers made a video announcement asking for the help of their fans. They are basically looking to their audience to cast, write, and design the movie. If I were being optimistic I'd be all "hey, they respect the viewers!" But I'm not an optimist and this just seems like a lazy CHEAP way of getting a lot of fresh content and concepts without having to pay anyone for them.

I'm not saying I won't see the movie when it comes out, but I say this knowing full well that if Braun has anything to do with it Bieber will probably have a cameo in it. The very idea gives me palpitations. The only way this could be remotely acceptable is if Biebs is cast as a member of the Holograms' rival band The Misfits. Ha ha, I amuse myself. Well, somebody's got to. 

Do you find the idea of this remake exciting or depressing?


Image via Tiffany Terry/Flickr

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