Emma Stone Breaks Down in Tears Over 90s Band You'll Never Guess (VIDEO)

On an ordinary day, when she's simply being adorable in movies, Emma Stone is the cutest person you've ever seen, possibly in the entire world. So just try to imagine the puppy-kitten cute overload of witnessing the actress break down in tears while promoting The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro all because she pretty much loves the Spice Girls more than life.

A radio station in Australia got word that Emma is a big, big fan of the '90s girl band and, during an interview to promote her upcoming film, surprised her with a video message from Mel B -- a.k.a. Scary Spice -- that sent the actress over the edge.


"Oh my God, is Mel B. talking to me?!" Emma says as she listens to Scary tell her she "loves" her and is a big fan of hers. "I am legitimately crying. I am the biggest Spice Girls fan ever."

Mel calls Emma out on something she said in an interview a few years ago -- that Baby Spice was her favorite and she wanted to be her.

"Why did you like Baby Spice and not me more?" Scary jokes with her. "Your punishment for that is I want you to do a rendition of one of the Spice Girls songs."

Emma chooses one of the pop group's most famous: Wannabe -- but then proceeds to botch it up a bit. That's okay, Emma, we're sure the girls forgive you.

Check out this off-the-rails sweet video of the interview:

What do you think of Emma's reaction? Were you a big Spice Girls fan in the '90s?


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