Jamie Dornan Is Totally Dirty & Smoking Hot in New Movie Trailer

New Worlds Jamie DornanHave you seen the latest Jamie Dornan trailer? OK, so it's not for Fifty Shades of Grey, but it still has Jamie Dornan in it, so it's definitely worth a watch. Especially because he's playing the role of a star-crossed lover in the historical action drama New Worlds.

Dornan described his character Abe Goffe as "a young, idealistic renegade who is very determined in his fight to make England a true republic," before going on to say how much he enjoyed playing the romantic hero for once. "They are classic star-crossed lovers to start with but ultimately they can’t help themselves -- as we all know love is a very powerful thing!"


He continued, "I have to say it was nice to play a romantic hero especially after The Fall where I had to apologise to pretty much every actress after each shot was filmed."

In case you missed it, Jamie plays a psychopathic serial killer in The Fall, so yeah, a little different role than "romantic hero."

Anyway, New Worlds looks pretty interesting and might be just the thing to satisfy our Jamie Dornan crush until we get some official Fifty Shades trailers to play on repeat.

Will you watch anything with Jamie Dornan now, or are you waiting for Christian Grey?


Image via Channel 4/YouTube

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