Jennifer Lawrence's Deleted 'American Hustle' Dancing Scene Is EVERYTHING (VIDEO)

Jennifer LawrenceWe've talked about how amazing Jennifer Lawrence is, right? Yes. Yes we have. Repeatedly. Jennifer Lawrence's relentless amazingness is, in fact, getting a little tiresome, as far as I'm concerned. I'm just the tiniest bit over hearing about how she tripped and fell at some huge awards show and it was the funniest, most adorkable thing ever. And then she was on a late night show and she said something about pooping and it was SO HILAR-

Anyway. Point is, I love Jennifer Lawrence, but I have been finding it increasingly hard to believe one person can be that incredible, like, all of the damn time. But then I saw her stupendous, fantastically hilarious, downright MESMERIZING deleted lip-syncing dancing scene from American Hustle, and ... well, fine, Lawrence. FINE. You are a goddess. I bow down before your inhuman ability to be charming even while being intensely weird.


There's a scene in American Hustle in which Lawrence -- AKA Rosalyn Rosenfeld -- rocks out karaoke-style to "Live and Let Die" while cleaning her living room. According to the just-released extended footage from the DVD, there was an alternate version of the scene filmed in one glorious four-minute continuous take set to Santana's "Evil Ways" -- and it's pretty much an 11 on the scale of film presence (1 being a two-hour supercut of Kristen Stewart slowly biting her lip).

Oh man. The head tossing, the floor grinding, the ecstatic facial expressions, the outfit, the slippers, the air guitaring, the unmoved kid, DAT HAIR. Dammit, JLaw, I just can't quit you.

Check it out, and if you want to skip straight to the freaky all-fours move, that's at 2:25:

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