Christopher Walken Dancing Mashup -- You're Welcome (VIDEO)

Christopher walken Everybody has a Christopher Walken impression -- whether they admit it or not. If you're me, it's the entire speech from Pulp Fiction, and it isn't very good. But I can't be blamed. His distinct voice practically begs to be maimed by the mimicking masses. Also sometimes I like to brush my hair back when it's wet and call it "the Walken," but that is neither here nor there.

Now, thanks to the humble beauty and majesty of the Internet, we've all got another element to add to our Walken impressions: Dancing our ever-lovin' hearts out. Over the years, this award-winning character actor has danced in over 57 entirely different roles. His tapping toes cannot be tamed, and there's video proof to be had in case you doubt his mad skills.


But just because he's dancing doesn't always mean he's a light-hearted good guy. Exhibit my personal favorite contribution, Batman Returns. Yeah, in that one, he's basically the most evil dude on the planet. Though he is indirectly responsible for the birth of Catwoman, so he's got that going for him I guess.

I love that the video even includes some great moments from Catch Me if You Can -- does the dude know how to dip, or does the dude know how to dip? Though frankly, nothing beats his footwork in Hairspray.

I mean, the only thing better than Christopher Walken cutting the rug with total abandon is Christopher Walken cutting a rug with total abandon alongside a well-padded John Travolta. You know I'm right.

What's your favorite role Christopher Walken has played, dancing or otherwise?


Image via Huffington Post Movie Mashups/YouTube/blogspot/Tumblr

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