New ‘Maleficent’ Trailer Hints at How the Witch Became So Evil (VIDEO)

maleficent angelina jolieOur favorite villainess just got a lot deeper. The third trailer for the movie Maleficent is out, and it's the most enthralling yet. We start in familiar territory: Maleficent casting a terrible spell on Sleeping Beauty, looking positively wicked in the way only Angelina Jolie can, green vapors, writhing black dress and cape, mwa ha ha ha ha! But then -- wait, what's this moment she shares with Princess Aurora? Could it be ... a back story?


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That's right, with this trailer we get the teensiest glimpse into Maleficent's origins. Apparently the greatest witches are made, not born. "I had wings, once," Maleficent confides in Aurora.

"There is great evil in the world -- " Wait, what's this? You mean, besides you, right Maleficent? For a split second there, I was afraid we would find out Maleficent is secretly good. UGH! That would NOT DO.

But no, I think this is just about how Maleficent came to be evil. Origin stories are all the rage in movies these days, so it just stands to reason that we would get Maleficent's. I could be mistaken, but it also looks like Princess Aurora's father may have played a role in Maleficent's transformation, too. (Hope he's not the Juan Pablo of fairy tales.) And since it involves Angelina Jolie as a winged warrior and BETRAYAL (dun dun dunnn), I think it should be especially good.

But enough of me blathering on about origin myths. You want to see this trailer! May 30, fans. That's how long we have to wait until Maleficent is unleashed upon the public.

Do you think Maleficent is more fun the more evil she is, or the more sympathetic?


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