New 'Peanuts' Trailer Leaves Everyone Confused (VIDEO)

peanuts trailerHave you seen the latest trailer making waves on the Interwebs? It seems we can't seem to shake ourselves of Hollywood drowning in the miasma of perverting classic, beloved movies and giving them a "modern" update. The latest victim? Charlie Brown. That's right, a new Peanuts trailer is out, and it's not at all what you'd expect.

Good grief(?)(!).

Pretty much everyone has grown up with A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) and It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966), inspired by the comics originally created by Charles M. Schulz. So now, because it's 2014, a CGI-animated, 3D version of Peanuts is coming out, and it's ... well, it's going to be divisive, to say the least. 


The beauty of the original Charlie Brown cartoons lies in its simplicity, both in story and in appearance. The lead character only has one strand of hair, for Pete's sake. Putting him and the rest of his world in a super-color-saturated, 3D environment was most likely a challenge to filmmakers, and it's a look that will give classicists heart attacks, but at least they didn't change it up too drastically. Poor loser Charlie is a 2D character living in a 3D world.

Check it out and see for yourself:

It's kind of nice to see that the characters still look 2D ... so why not just keep them in 2D? Guess that would have been a bit too simple. And it seems that the reaction to the trailer on the web has been mixed. Take a look:

You have to hope that they'll keep things simple and true to the original stories, and that the characters don't go on some crazy, explosion-filled, very loud adventure that would pretty much bring mostly everyone to tears. Luckily for everyone involved, Charles Schulz's son is one of the producers. And who knows, maybe this could introduce a whole new generation to the Peanuts gang. It looks good and fresh, so we can only hope the writing is up to par as well.

Side note: The last time Charlie Brown was on the big screen was Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don't Come Back!!) back in 1980.

Needless to say, now that I've got the familiar Peanuts music stuck in my head all day, we really can't make too much of a judgment on the film until a longer trailer is released. This one could either be brilliant or go down in flames. Let's hope, for the original Peanuts' sake and the magic and whimsy they offered to each of our childhoods, that it's the former.

What do you think of the Peanuts trailer? Love it or hate it?


Image via Fox Family Entertainment/YouTube

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