Jamie Dornan Wouldn't Be Christian Grey if These TV Executives Had Their Way

Jamie DornanThe more I get to know about Jamie Dornan, the more I think he's absolutely perfect for the title role in the film adaptation of E.L. James' wildly popular Fifty Shades of Grey. He seems broody yet vulnerable, slightly intimidating yet somehow charming, not to mention hot as heck ... sorry, got lost in thought there for a minute ...

Anyway, it's a role that may not have happened if the co-creators of ABC's Once Upon a Time had had their way. Edward Kitniss revealed that he and his co-showrunner Anthony Horowitz were "so bummed" when Dornan's scheduling conflicts kept him from returning to the show for season 3.


Dornan played the dual roles of Sheriff Graham and The Huntsman in nine episodes of the ABC fantasy drama. Horowitz revealed that his part had been extended to extra episodes because they liked him so much.

"His part was always conceived as that seven-episode arc in the first season, with the hope that we could bring him back here and there," he explained. "But it's gratifying that everyone has seemed to have responded so well to his talent."

Kitniss added, "He's a friend of ours and he's a friend of the show ... unfortunately, this year, he went right from the [Fifty Shades of Grey] movie to The Fall."

The TV execs elaborated that they'd love to have Dornan back on set any time, but don't expect it, given his rapidly rising popularity and Hollywood capital. Horowitz said, "We'd love to have him if he ever wanted to come back, but he is quite busy right now, and rightfully so."

Are you glad Jamie Dornan took on the role of Christian Grey?


Image via JamieDornan_org/Twitter

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