The Surprising Role Jamie Dornan Really Wants to Play

Jamie DornanJamie Dornan may be playing tragically tortured Christian Grey in the highly anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey, but that doesn't mean it's a role he wants to be typecast into. In fact, the sexy Irish stud may actually want to do a rom-com someday!

When asked about whether he'd consider acting in a romantic comedy, Dornan responded, "Definitely, one hundred per cent if it was well crafted, which loads of them aren’t. I like the idea of comedy. Being a leading man can come in many different forms."


Amen. Jamie Dornan in a rom-com -- my life would be complete. Isn't that the fantasy? The reformed bad boy gone soft and gooey with love because he just can't help himself when he finally meets her? Isn't that exactly why Fifty Shades of Grey is so popular?

I'm just saying, the idea of Jamie Dornan, famous for playing psychologically disturbed men, playing a romantic softie in a rom-com appeals to me greatly.

Despite his penchant for playing brooding bad boys (his character on The Fall is a serial killer, and the evil queen literally owned his heart in a box to control him on Once Upon a Time), I bet he's really romantic at heart. Because he is in my fantasies, that's why.

Also he modestly admitted to it. When asked if he considered himself a romantic, he answered, "I don’t know what the template is or what the parameters are ... but I think I’m pretty decent at all that kind of stuff."

Besides, he lives in Notting Hill with his beautiful wife and baby daughter. That just sort of screams romance, doesn't it?

Would you like to see Christian Grey Jamie Dornan in a romantic comedy?


Image via JamieDornanUK/Twitter

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