'Scandal' Recap: Who Got Shot Will Have Gladiators Gasping for Air

olivia pope no sun on the horizonOh. Wow. Well, we were promised that tonight's episode, "No Sun on the Horizon," would offer the "biggest OMG" moment of season 3 in the final 30 seconds, and Shonda Rhimes definitely delivered. Though there was plenty of gasping throughout the ep, as well. Opening with Jake in a dark room, explaining (To whom? Us? Himself? Quinn?) what it means to be in B-613, we were quickly thrown into a totally twisting, twirling episode zeroed in on Sally's overwhelming guilt over the murder of her husband Daniel. She's so far gone that she's dead-set on making a confession about her sin during the first presidential debate ...

This potential disaster, which could affect not just Sally, but Cyrus, James, David Rosen, Fitz, Mellie, and you know, the WHOLE REPUBLIC, sets off a domino effect.


Even though Olivia had been in the dark about what really happened to Daniel, she couldn't possibly be anymore with Sally's confession potentially coming down the pipeline. But instead of jumping in to start fixing, she refuses to have anything to do with it, telling David he's on his own, because as she tells Cy, she wants to stand in the sun for once. She also wants to take a stab at pretending she and Jake are just a normal (as opposed to faux) couple drinking wine and eating takeout in his apartment. So normal, in fact, that she'll even let him "take advantage of her." Ooooh, Olake action! 

But all this pretending is short-lived. Even though it inspires Jake to ask Olivia if she'll run away with him and, later, stand in the sun with him, all of us Gladiators know where her heart really lies. Or at least can't stop lying. Olivia soon tells Fitz exactly what's going on behind his back with the Sally murder cover-up and begs him to throw the debate, so Sally will feel as though she's gotten a sign from the Lord that she doesn't need to confess. He almost refused, and we almost saw Sally get shot (by the Secret Service/B-613 agent who was sent to the debate by Jake, who would rather have offed Sally than see Americans learn the VP is a murderer ... whew!). But ultimately, Fitz stepped in and ended up saving Sally, just as Olivia had asked. And for which she thanked him by stalking into the Oval Office and giving a passionate speech about how she's sick of pretending and "Vermont doesn't exist," so they've just gotta work with what they've got. In other words, keep on keepin' on behind closed doors, as they've always done. Except, as they sealed that convo with a kiss, we saw them from the outside window view. Might someone be watching?! Wuh-oh.

But anyway, as for those last 30 seconds, it looks like Jake -- who put two and two together to realize Olivia had run back to Fitz -- has fully re-committed to his gig as Command, as he went blazing into a set-up meeting among David, James, the reporter James had been leaking info about Sally's murder to, and a woman who transcribed the text messages between Cy and Sally. We saw the latter two shot and then Jake aim at one of the men. Who got shot?!

My guess is David Rosen. I truly can't imagine the series without him, but there was some strong foreshadowing when Abby begged him to consider her and the fact that his life was hugely at risk by getting in so deep with the Sally cover-up ... Ugh. SO crazy, I know, but we can't put ANYTHING past Shonda at this point!

Who do you think got shot?


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