Sunglasses Paul Walker Wore the Day He Died Up for Auction to Creepy Bidders

Even if you consider yourself the biggest Paul Walker fan who ever walked the Earth, you probably wouldn't want the unusual pieces of Paul memorabilia that are up for auction on For a price, you can own the actual pair of sunglasses worn by the Fast & Furious actor on the day he died in a car crash last November -- along with a few other super creepy, weird items from the horrific incident.


In addition to his glasses, the site is auctioning a fire extinguisher that the seller claims was used to put out a fire at the crash site, as well as debris from the scene. No word yet on how much those bizarre items are going for, but as of Thursday afternoon, 5 bidders placed their bids on Paul's sunglasses, with the highest being $1,729.

Ummm ... WHY?! What in heaven would anyone even do with Paul's sunglasses? I'm imagining you wouldn't wear them, but would, what? Put them in a box for the rest of time? And don't even get me started on the weirdness of bidding on debris from the site of a car crash -- there are few things I can think of that sound more morbid.

Assuming the sunglasses are the real deal -- the seller claims he found them at the scene of the crash and that they match the ones Paul was wearing in a photo from that day -- the only decent thing to do is return them to the actor's family. It's just gross to try and profit from them or to be the creepy bidder who gets some kind of pleasure from owning them.

Of course, this isn't the first or last time an item owned by a celeb who has died has been put up for auction. Some odd ones include:

Michael Jackson's death bed -- The item was withdrawn from auction before it could be sold.

John Lennon's tooth -- A Canadian dentist reportedly paid $30,000 to own a tooth from the former Beatle.

A lock of Elvis Presley's hair -- True, he had swoon-worthy dark hair, but $15,000 for a single lock? Weird.

Elvis Presley's stained underwear -- Thankfully, they only went for $8,000. Which is still $8,000 too much.

Do you think it's odd or okay to bid on Paul Walker's sunglasses or other memorabilia from celebrities who have died?


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