Jamie Dornan Dishes on Surprising '50 Shades' Scene We Can't Wait For (VIDEO)

jamie dornanOne of Jamie Dornan's first orders of business since getting back to U.K. after wrapping Fifty Shades of Grey was to head on over to The Graham Norton Show, where the actor regaled his audience with behind-the-scenes stories from the set and a confession about having to re-learn how to walk to play Christian. So funny.

His endearing interview not only has us crushing on him harder than ever, but also touched on a surprising, sexy scene we have to look forward to!


Jamie admitted that he had to learn how to dance for a scene with Dakota! He told Norton:

I have to dance -- just a little bit of dancing in Fifty Shades of Grey -- and I can't dance at all. I mean, they asked me, 'Can you dance?' And I was like, 'Yeah, I dance all the time!' I can't dance. So I had dance lessons, and it was like foxtrot, very sort of classic.

Huh. That's odd, because the first formal dance scene I can recall from the series isn't 'til the masquerade ball in Fifty Shades Darker. Could that mean that there's some overlap between Grey and Darker in the film script? OR ... maybe there's a new dance scene that wasn't in the book.

Either way, from the sound of it, Christian and Ana could totally be the next Johnny and Baby with their foxtrot. Okay, maybe not. (Especially since it sounds like Jamie is no Patrick Swayze!) But at the very least, we can look forward to seeing the sexy stars take to the dance floor in what's sure to be a very romantic, pulse-racing scene.

Here's the interview Jamie did in case you missed it ..


What do you think this dance scene is all about? Which romantic/sexy scene are you most looking forward to seeing?

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