'50 Shades' Movie Has to Differ From the Book in One Major Way

ew dakota johnson jamie dornanSince it became an undeniable part of the zeitgeist, Fifty Shades of Grey hasn't caused an uproar only because it began as poorly written fan fiction. It hasn't set tongues wagging only because it's erotica about a woman coming of age and discovering her sexuality, and we're ridiculously uptight about anything remotely sexual -- especially female sexuality -- in our culture. It's also fired up an ongoing debate about whether or not E.L. James' story depicts an abusive relationship.

It's a debate that has been fueled up even more so lately, with the movie's wrap leaving us wondering if the film version will actually resemble a romance -- or a nightmare.


In the book, Christian is described again and again as "mercurial." His mysterious nature and hair-trigger mood swings have Anastasia walking on eggshells, terrified that he's going to freak out on her. He dictates what she should or shouldn't eat and how much she should work out. NONE of that is sexy, charming, romantic, or alluring in the least. It's actually really sick, twisted, and disturbing. And if any of it made its way into the movie script, we should be very concerned.

Because it's bad enough to think about anyone really -- young or old, female or male -- reading the books and thinking that sort of behavior is attractive, but something about seeing it romanticized on the big screen makes it even worse. 

Again and again, we heard that the cast and crew believe E.L. James' book is an "incredible love story" at its core. Let's hope that they really did end up staying true to that -- and keeping anything remotely abusive between the book's covers and off the screen.

How do you feel about Christian and Ana's relationship being interpreted as abusive? What parts of the book do you hope don't end up in the movie?

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