Dakota Johnson's Charm Is Undeniable in New Sneak Peek Movie Clip

Dakota JohnsonIf you've had any doubt at all over whether or not she'll be able to hold her own as Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, then you HAVE to watch this exclusive clip of Dakota Johnson in Need for Speed from E! Online.

Ok, ok -- so I know it's not a sneak peek of her chemistry with Jamie Dornan or anything like that, but watching her interact with Aaron Paul totally proves that she can nail an intense scene and leave us wanting more.


I gotta say, ever since she was cast in Fifty Shades, I've questioned whether she was the right gal to play Ana -- probably because most of us hadn't heard much about her until she landed the role.

But after watching this clip, she's a.) a lot sexier than I thought she was, and b.) seems to be a pretty decent actress. It looks like casting her in the part was definitely a winning move.

If she has a fraction of the chemistry with Jamie Dornan as she has with Aaron Paul, we're in for a real treat when the flick finally premieres next February. After all, the dynamic between Ana and Christian will make or break the movie for sure. (Fingers crossed that Dakota didn't lose her touch once the Fifty Shades cameras started rolling.)

Does E!'s clip of Dakota make you even more excited for Fifty Shades?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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