'50 Shades' May Be a Wrap, but Jamie Dornan Is Still Acting Like Christian Grey

jamie dornan paul spector the fallWith Fifty Shades of Grey in the can, Jamie Dornan was free to jet out of Vancouver this past weekend. Christian Grey himself was spied at the airport on Saturday night, alongside his wife Amelia Warner and their baby daughter, stopping to sign autographs for some fans. So sweet!

Now, if you think this means the guy gets to head home to the U.K. to take a breather, you're mistaken. He actually has to get right back into his sexy leading man pants, because filming for the second season of his BBC crime thriller The Fall has already begun in Northern Ireland!


According to the Belfast Telegraph, filming will take place over four months, with cast and crew sworn to secrecy over shoot locations. In the meantime, Jamie's co-star Gillian Anderson has told the press that she's excited to resume shooting with Jamie. (Obviously!) The former X-Files star said:

I’m looking forward to catching up with Jamie Dornan. His career has just taken off. Look how well he is doing. It’s going to be so good. He’s done so well.

Aww, nice to hear she's so supportive! And while the dark drama -- in which Jamie plays Paul Spector, a serial killer who targets young female victims -- won't exactly be a major change of pace for the actor, at least he'll be closer to home ... And it'll present one more opportunity for fans to enjoy his hotness work before Fifty Shades hits theaters, right?

Are you psyched to hear that Jamie's going right back to the set of The Fall?

Image via BBC

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