'50 Shades of Grey' Wraps Up Filming So a Trailer Should Be Released Any Day

50 shades of greyHere's some news that should make Christian Grey fans verrrryyyy happy: Apparently filming for Fifty Shades of Grey has been completed! That means we're that much closer to seeing Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson corrupt each other in steamy, dirty, BDSM-y ways in a movie that you certainly shouldn't be seeing with your mother.

The author of the million-dollar series, E.L. James, tweeted a photo of her and the director of the movie, Sam Taylor-Johnson, and also wrote a simple message: "And that's a wrap ..." She added: "The night is young."

We've seen lots of sneak peeks from the film, everything from Christian surprising Ana with a car to Ana jogging to Ana helping Christian in the hardware store. So it's sad that we may not get photos like this from the set anymore, but that means the movie is well on its way to finally being completed.


But could the news that filming's officially wrapped mean something bigger? They seem to be so ahead of schedule, which is very rare in Hollywood Land. So the rumors are becoming even more heated that Fifty Shades of Grey could be released earlier than anticipated.

If not the movie (since all the posters are boasting Valentine's Day, 2015), maybe we'll at least get a trailer as soon as possible and finally see some new, original footage.

Regardless, E.L. James must be thrilled that everything is finally coming together. Here she is celebrating (probably a very well deserved drink right there) with the director:

Hopefully we'll get news of a trailer soon enough now that everyone's seemingly happy with all the footage they captured. Can't imagine how much fun, yet incredibly awkward, it was to film this movie. We've only got less than a year to wait until the final product comes out, but that still seems like way too long before we get to see Christian and Ana come to life.

Think there's any chance they could move up the premiere date since filming wrapped up ahead of schedule?


Image via Focus Features

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