'50 Shades' Star Is Worried About Her Role for a Truly Weird Reason

Rita Ora Things seem to be moving faster every day on the set for the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey -- a fact we are all more than thankful for. But not everyone in the cast of the flick is moving forward with the same unbridled sense of glee as the fan community might be. In fact, Rita Ora recently opened up about her secondary role in the film, and how she's worried about the challenges it presents. In addition to playing the role of Christian's sister Mia Grey, Rita has been asked to contribute some music to the soundtrack. You'd think this would be a walk in the park for the noted songbird, but she begs to differ. 


Rita's worried that the tone of the movie will make it difficult for her to write a piece of music that complements the story. She explains her concerns by talking about the happy, groovy tunes she's known for. Because she's in a self-described "happy place" in her life, she is worried that something Grey-worthy might be hard to conjure. We have no doubt that she'll manage it and be a smash both in our ears and on screen opposite the rest of the killer cast. 

Do you think Rita is up for the challenge?


Image via Instagram

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