Gwyneth Paltrow Cheating Rumors Fly & Her Own Views on Adultery Don't Help

Words to live by: If you don't want rumors to circle you like a kettle of vultures, keep your mouth shut -- particularly if your name is Gwyneth Paltrow and the public has an inexplicable love/hate thing for you. A few months ago, the actress said she doesn't think cheating should ruin a marriage -- that she would forgive husband Chris Martin if he stepped out on her and that she would expect the same in return. I love how honest and brave she was to admit this, and I can even see her point, though our philosophies on marriage and adultery differ -- but she also opened up a big ol' can of worms for herself. Who isn't going to speculate that she is having an affair? 

And -- bring on the speculation! The latest rumor to surface is that Gwyneth is having a hot affair ... with an entertainment lawyer.


So rumor has it that one of the reasons Gwyneth was so angry about that Vanity Fair article that never materialized was because its "epic takedown" of the actress -- editor Graydon Carter's words, not mine -- may have included info about how she has cheated on her husband of 10 years with entertainment attorney Kevin Yorn.

The actress has slammed the rumors, calling them "100 percent false." She claims she met Yorn on a flight once and that there's nothing more or less to this story.

Of course, no one but Gwyneth, Kevin, and possibly Chris know the exact truth here. I'll admit it seems a little far-fetched that these two got together at some point and not one photo has surfaced of them together. But maybe they're smarter and more discreet than most. Then again, it certainly isn't out of the realm of possibility that this is yet another rumor made up by yet another Gwyneth hater.

I kind of feel bad for her, I'll admit. But her statements about adultery and marriage are so not going to help her case here.

Do you think the fact that Gwyneth admitted cheating in a marriage is not a dealbreaker makes it more possible she is cheating with Kevin Yorn?


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