12 Incredibly Hot Christian Grey Shots Guaranteed to Make You Sweat (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | Feb 18, 2014 Movies
12 Incredibly Hot Christian Grey Shots Guaranteed to Make You Sweat (PHOTOS)

jamie dornan poster fifty shadesNow that Fifty Shades of Grey seems to be about 50 percent done filming, it is hard to believe there was a time when we had no clue who would portray Christian. Eesh, at this point, it's even hard to envision Christian as anyone BUT Jamie Dornan! (Well, I'm sure there are some diehards out there who are still making fan trailers featuring Ian Somerhalder, which is cool, but that's definitely just a fantasy ...)

No matter what team you used to be on, it's become more and more clear that Jamie will satisfy fans' desires. Here, 12 "Christian Grey"-esque photos of the actor that show just how smoldering he'll be in the role ...

Image via Universal Pictures

  • 1. Reflective on set


    Image via R Chiang/Splash News

    Not everyone can look so adorable and in such deep thought while wearing a gray hoodie ... in the rain nonetheless.

  • 2. In a suit and tie


    Image via Hogan

    Justin Timberlake who? Posing here for Hogan's latest campaign, Jamie clearly has no trouble pulling off Mr. Grey's requisite uniform: a suit and tie, obvi.

  • 3. In underwear and black & white


    Image via Calvin Klein

    If you need a preview of what Jamie will look like on his European honeymoon with nothing more than a tight pair of trunks, look no further than this Calvin Klein ad campaign the actor did a while back. Oof.

  • 4. Blindfolding his co-star


    Image via R. Chiang/Splash News

    The guy couldn't be more Christian than right here where he and Dakota were doing the scene where the billionaire businessman gives Ana the "submissive special" -- a new Audi.

  • 5. In a preppy sweater


    Image via Hugo Boss

    Just call this Christian's slightly "more relaxed" weekend look.

  • 6. Ready to take flight in Charlie Tango


    Image via ABC

    Okay, sure, he's the sheriff in this here still from the ABC series Once Upon a Time, but Jamie also looks like he's ready to get into his Eurocopter's cockpit and fly Ana between Vancouver and Seattle, right?

  • 7. Distraught in plaid


    Image via BBC

    When Christian loses it because Ana leaves him at the end of Fifty Shades of Grey, he would definitely fail to shave, ditch the ties, and end up looking like Jamie does here in his BBC series The Fall.

  • 8. In jeans and nothing else


    Image via Calvin Klein

    In this famously steamy, sweaty ad campaign for Calvin Klein that Jamie did with Eva Mendes, the actor proved his washboard abs were the perfect fit for jeans -- or vice versa. Not to mention for the Red Room of Pain.

  • 9. Those eyes


    Image via Evan Agostini/Getty

    This head shot makes it clear Jamie has the very same seductive and intense eyes fans have been waiting for.

  • 10. In a vest ... gray, obviously


    Image via Kred, PacificCoastNews

    Not everyone can pull off Christian's vest and blazer and jeans look, but Jamie proved he could while recently filming a scene on the Vancouver set.

  • 11. In boxer briefs


    Image via Calvin Klein

    Does Christian prefer boxers or briefs? Guess we know the answer to that question now ... It's both!

  • 12. The bottom line


    Image via Calvin Klein

    Preeettty sure producers were sold from the moment they saw this. (Who wouldn't be?!)


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