Oprah Winfrey Hopes '50 Shades' Flick Is 'Filthy'

OprahPeople from all walks of life are fans of Fifty Shades of Grey, so it shouldn't be surprising that their legions contain more than a few celebrity fans. One such celeb recently just pledged her devotion to all things Christian and Ana. The celeb in question actually took things a little bit further while proclaiming her love, and it's enough to make you blush. Everyone's favorite lady Oprah Winfrey is dishing about her passion for Fifty Shades and what she wants to see in the movie, and it's kind of the greatest.


As a fan of the books and a bestie to actress and cast-member Rita Ora, Oprah's got definite opinions about the movie and what she expects the finished results to look like. She told a reporter that she hopes the movie is "filthier" than the book. Oprah! How could that even be possible? While there's been a bunch of talk about how the movie will tame some of the racier scenes, fans want all the raunch they can handle. With Oprah leading the charge, the film will be NC-17 before you know it! That woman is amazing.

Do you think Oprah Winfrey was serious or joking?


Image via Instagram

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