This Might Be the Weirdest Gift Imaginable for '50 Shades' Fans

Christian Grey BearHave you heard about the latest must-have gift for every Fifty Shades fan? It's cute, cuddly, and something you could give a baby as a gift without being arrested for obscenity. It's also maybe the weirdest choice of gift ... ever? Please meet the Fifty Shades teddy bear. He's described as having "smoky fur and smouldering blue eyes." You know what I can safely say no one wants? A complex, unrequited love relationship with a stuffed animal. That said, he is pretty cute and I do enjoy the tiny mask and handcuffs that he comes bear-ing (GET IT) as accessories.


This well-dressed fellow might be a weird testimony to our affections (and other feelings) for Christian Grey, but there is definitely something appealing about the little guy. Maybe it's the sartorial prowess with which his suit seems to have been made. Intimidating. But admittedly that feeling could be coming from the fact that he is a bear and, thus, deadly. Is it crazy that I kind of want one?

That said, I don't know that I'm running out the door to purchase this furry fetishist for my inner Ana Steele any time soon. At just under $80, the cost of a toy bear with a penchant for BDSM seems ever-so-slightly excessive. But we wouldn't turn it away should someone give it to us as a present. Smoulder way, Christian Grey Bear, smoulder away.

Are you going to invest in a Christian Grey bear?


Image via Vermont Bear Company

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