Dakota Johnson Thinks '50 Shades' Is Boring!

Dakota JohnsonDakota Johnson has not been shy when it comes to talking about all things Fifty Shades and all things Ana and Christian. She's a bold actress, who luckily seems to have no fear (or shame) in regards to the sultry and steamy love scenes she's got in store for her. With Jamie Dornan as a co-star, who could blame her? I'd be excited, that's for darn sure. But Dakota's not leaping for joy at every aspect of shooting the new movie. In fact, she's recently quoted in Vanity Fair as saying that there are certain things about the process that Dakota finds "boring." Whoa, don't hold back, D! 


Don't worry guys. Dakota doesn't mean she finds the story or the movie itself boring -- she's just describing a pre-Christian Grey-knowing Ana Steele. When talking about Ana's life without Christian, she talks about her being a "boring" English Major. I can hear the scoffs of all the fascinating English Majors the world over at this statement. But never fear. The impression folks should take away from that quote is that Dakota feels Ana is sort of stuck in a rut before Christian enters the scene. Something I think we can all agree on. Sounds to me that if anything, Dakota's definitely done her homework and the movie will be all the better for it.

Do you think Dakota meant to diss Fifty Shades?


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