The '50 Shades' Movie Set Is Totally Cursed

50 shades of grey This rumor smacks more of Halloween than Valentine's Day, but I'll share anyway because it's just so weird. Have you heard about the supposed Fifty Shades curse? No, no, sadly it does not sentence you to a life of sexual debauchery. This curse is only affecting members of the movie's cast, and it's taking aim at their love lives! Supposedly joining the cast is a surefire way of sentencing your romantic relationship to doom and death. First up, there were the rumors of star Rita Ora and her boyfriend Calvin Harris calling it quits. Now another cast member's relationship is reportedly on the skids. 


Dakota Johnson has now apparently also fallen victim to this 'curse'! It's a romantic epidemic, you guys. Her boyfriend of one year is allegedly pulling away and trying to end things. Ugh, that's lame -- and so close to Valentine's Day!

Honestly though, doesn't this feel like it has less to do with some sort of supernatural curse-force and more to do with the job at hand? Fifty Shades is damn sexy and everyone knows it! If my boyfriend were all, "Becca, I am going to play Christian Grey in a movie with some strange lady," I'd be all, "Like HELL you are, Michael Keaton!" There's being trusting in your relationship and then there's being a damn fool. 

Do you think there's any truth to this rumor about Dakota's split?


Image via Instagram

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