'Mad Men' Star Trash Talks '50 Shades' Out of Pure Envy

january jonesEverybody is totally entitled to their own opinion when it comes to issues about films, television shows, books, or music. But that doesn't mean folks won't be slightly shocked when you express disdain for something they love. Mad Men star January Jones is learning this the hard way. The ice princess herself "called out" the fan-tab-ulous Fifty Shades movie poster, saying it bears an uncanny resemblance to the 2010 poster for Mad Men. Cue massive eye-rolls the world over, starting with me. 


It's true, both images feature dudes standing with their backs to the camera while wearing suits and suffering from deep emotional problems, but come on. While Don Draper's backside has become iconic, I don't think anyone could really think that Fifty Shades is trying to ride its coattails. It doesn't need to! It's more than successful enough in its own right. There's nothing the movie can gain by copying a poster that's close to five years old. January's probably just jealous that she's not in the flick! 

Do you think the poster is a rip-off?


Image via Instagram

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