Paul Walker’s ‘Brick Mansions’ Trailer Is Difficult to Watch (VIDEO)

paul walkerNo matter what you think of the circumstances surrounding Paul Walker's death on November 30, everyone can agree that his was a life taken way too soon. But that doesn't mean he still can't live on through his films. With Fast & Furious 7 trying to figure out how to incorporate Walker's character into the latest installment of the franchise (looks like they're going to "retire" him), the trailer for Walker's last completed movie has just been released. And it's kind of tough and sad to watch.

Co-starring David Belle and RZA, Walker stars as Damien in Brick Mansions. Kind of like Fast & Furious, looks like there will be lots of car chases, action-packed sequences, and drug busts. It's a remake of the French film District B13, which came out in 2004 and also starred Belle.

It's an homage to what Walker did best: Kick ass and look really good doing so.


Check it out:

Damien (Walker) has to catch a crime lord (RZA) who seems to possess a neutron bomb (d'oh). Lino (Belle, who is the founder of Parkour), assists Damien to gain access to Brick Mansions, a down-trodden, crime-filled community. Sounds like the perfect part for Walker, doesn't it? If he wanted to leave behind any kind of movie legacy, looks like this film can do the trick. So it's hard to see him looking so vivacious and in his prime and unable to enjoy the success this movie probably would have generated for his career. It must be even more devastating to watch for his family, friends, and coworkers.

Still, you can't help but ask the tough questions: Are more people going to see Brick Mansions in light of the actor's passing? Will his untimely death have any sort of effect on its success? How will the movie handle promoting the film while staying sensitive to Walker's loved ones?

Some folks actually find it very difficult to watch actors or actresses in new films after they've very recently passed, as if it's too creepy or weird or sad or something. Since it was his last completed project, others might want to go see the movie to honor him. Fans of his will probably take this film much more seriously and pay far closer attention due to the events of that tragic, fateful day. Though it's sad to say a majority of people probably wouldn't be nearly as interested if it weren't Walker's last completed film -- regardless, the trailer serves as a fine reminder of the type of actor Walker was and how invested he became in his roles. This one is a must-see for all his fans.

Will you tune in to Brick Mansions? Does his passing make you feel any differently about the film?


Image via Brick Mansions Movie/YouTube

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