Alexander Skarsgard Is Going to Date This Girl Soon -- Who Wants to Bet?

I know, I know. Just because you get two hot people in a room together doesn't guarantee they're going to hit it off, get married, and make beautiful babies. To think so is just shallow. Extremely immature. Totally the antithesis of what Lena Dunham would think. 

Consider me a 5-year-old today. When I found out who was just cast as True Blood hottie Alexander Skarsgard's co-star in the upcoming 3D Tarzan movie, I just shook my head and thought, Of course these two are going to hook up. And it's going to be a major hook-up. The kind of hook-up that makes women and men wish a sex tape would leak starring the two. Hell, if I were one of them, I'd pay someone to "accidentally" steal a sex video from one of our computers -- I mean, cha-ching! So, it's been revealed that the woman who will play Jane to Alexander's Tarzan is ... Margot Robbie!


If you're sitting there shaking your head and thinking, Huh, who? allow me to introduce Margot -- she's a 23-year-old Australian actress who just hit the big time by starring in The Wolf of Wall Street. She also beat out Emma Stone for the role of Jane -- I bet that made for an awkward call to Emma's agent. This is what she looks like:

I mean, come on. These two are such a perfect genetic match, it isn't even debatable. They look like brother and sister, and ya know, studies have shown that men and women tend to fall for people with whom they share similar physical traits, and ... oh, who cares about all that?! The fact is both Alexander and Margot are single, she's experiencing a moment, and he's about to finally break out of TV Land and show us what he can do as a leading man in a big-budget film.

They can lean on one another during this exciting and uncertain time when both of their careers are really taking off. More importantly, they can look crazy hot while exchanging their vows (I picture an intimate summer wedding in Sweden) and then have three or four perfect-looking children who will one day rule the world on the powers of their blondeness alone.

Give them two months. I'm calling this. It's going to happen.

Do you think Alexander and Margot would make a good couple? Are you looking forward to the Tarzan film?


Images via Amy Harris/Corbis & Instagram

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