The Hottest '50 Shades' Trailers to Satisfy Your Cravings Until the Movie (VIDEOS)

dakota johnson black and white screenshot anastasia steeleFifty Shades of Grey fans may have a movie poster and occasional behind-the-scenes glimpses from paparazzi to now enjoy. Maybe even the once-in-a-blue-moon Instagram sneak peek from E.L. James. But at this point, all we really want is a trailer, amirite?

While there's no official word on when that may be arriving, the anticipation has spawned a slew of sexy fan trailers. Here, the six hottest ones the web has to offer and we've rounded up just for your enjoyment ...


1. Featuring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in various compromising positions, JLongbone's "red band, NC-17 rated trailer" has been making fans' pulses race.

2. Shirtless model Jamie Dornan is on full display in this steamy trailer by Olga GOA that gives us a pretty darn good idea of what Ana and Christian are going to look like between the sheets.

3. Ovskura Dama's fan trailer is quite the tease.

4. Fifty Shades aficionado Elena Salvatore's clip offers a sexy look at how Jamie and Dakota's chemistry is sure to ignite theaters ...

5. YouTube user FiftyShadesQueen, aka Lia Productions, shows just how much of an absolutely EPIC love story we can expect to see come in just one year!

6. And last but not least, "SunshineDoll27 Productions" debuted a fan trailer last month that has all the bells and whistles you could want -- fab editing, too!

Which fan trailer is your favorite so far?

Image via OLGA GOA/YouTube

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