Katie Cassidy Can't Stop Teasing About Her Future & '50 Shades'

Katie Cassidy In the immortal words of Anastasia Steele, "jeez." After much hoopla was made (including some added here by yours truly), Katie Cassidy is starting to talk about the possibility of joining the cast of Fifty Shades. When asked by reporters in New York if the rumors that she was joining the cast to play the role of Christian's troubled one-time lover Leila were true, Cassidy played it nice and ambivalent. Damn you celebrities and your inability to give straightforward comments that help us ascertain things that we are desperate to have made clear!


Apparently Katie was just allllll smiles when reporters asked her if there was truth to the rumors. She said, "You never know what can happen." Which, I mean, come on, that's clearly a 'yes,' right? If she weren't going to be in the movie, I have a feeling she'd just say so.

She did drop another tasty morsel, admitting that, yes, the photos paint an accurate picture. She's more than just a fan of the books, she and E.L. James are very good friends. Nothing's been confirmed yet -- but we're still leaning toward 'totally' when it comes to Katie as Leila. 

Do you think Katie's a good addition to the cast?


Image via Twitter

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