The Dirty Secrets Dakota Johnson Is Keeping From Her Parents About '50 Shades'

Dakota JohnsonWhen she agreed to take on the starring role of Ana Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey, Dakota Johnson knew what she was getting into. The young starlet knew that playing the ingenue in for the sexual awakening of a lifetime would thrust her (pun not intended) into the limelight. She also knew she'd have to bare all when it came time to shooting the film's famous sex scenes with Jamie Dornan. What she DIDN'T know was just how under-wraps she'd have to keep the whole thing from her friends and family. 


As much as Johnson would love to talk about everything the role entails with her family, she just can't bring herself to do it. And can you blame her?! She has 'no shame' when it comes to sharing the more salacious content with a movie-going audience, but when it comes to her family? The idea makes her squirm! She talked about it in her upcoming Vanity Fair article: 

I think that I would love to have [my parents] experience it with me, but I can't really do that, just because of what it entails. I talk to them more about problems with my landlords. That's my talking point with my family.

Whether she likes it or not, pretty soon her family's going to know allllll about it. Good thing Dakota has a good head on her shoulders. The killer sense of humor about the entire undertaking definitely doesn't hurt either. 

Do you think Dakota's smart to keep the dirty details from her family?


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